W10 Standalone Web App - exits immediately on startup

Hi All

I have a standalone web app that has been working on a W10 and Win Server up till last week.

When run in the Xojo IDE all works fine, However now when I build the app in standalone mode, and start the build version app.exe (by double click or command line) it immediately exits for no obvious reason. The behaviour is the same for Win 10 and Win server. I get the same behaviour for previous projects as well.

The only thing that im aware has changed is windows patching.

I also created a dummy web app (1 page, 1 button) as a simple test, and this also exits immeadiately on startup. Any suggestions very much appreciated.



What port are you setting for the built version?

Hi Wayne

Thanks for the reply, I was using the default port 80 for the build, when I changed to another port (7000 ish) it all worked again.

many thanks


Sounds like some other application on the server needs port 80.

Or your app is not running as root, which is needed for ports <1024.