Vtiger is an award-winning CRM used globally for many businesses to manage customer and sales relations. Vtiger.com offers a paid “on-demand” version or alternatively, there is an open source version available for those looking to test it out, customize the CRM, and save a little cash, all on a self-hosted instance of the CRM!

The VtigerCRM API Demo and classes are able to access both the paid and opensource API’s to access data stored within the CRM. To test the demos, you may create a 15-day free trial account at vtiger.com, or install the open source version yourself. In order to access the API, you will need a username, and an accesskey. The accesskey may be obtained by viewing your preferences page from within the CRM. In the paid version, the accesskey is located at the top of the page in the right-hand column. For those that install the self-hosted version, the accesskey is located at the bottom of your preference page.

**The classes can access and manipulate all data stored within the CRM, even custom created modules (ie Leads, Contacts, Sales, Support, Agents, Accounts, etc) built using the module builder, or by hand.

Find the class demo download at: https://www./download/vtigercrm-api-demo/

***All data shown in the following screenshots are test data and do not relate to any actual persons.

Where is the data being pulled from? Ah, there’s Dorothy!!! Right at the top :slight_smile:

Just tried it with a local 6.5 vTiger and I am getting “Couldn’t Login”

I tried my user “admin” and the corresponding email address and I get the same message.


[quote=363842:@Tim Kearns]Just tried it with a local 6.5 vTiger and I am getting “Couldn’t Login”

I tried my user “admin” and the corresponding email address and I get the same message.


***Demo only works with version 7.0 + (see below).

Hi Tim! You will want to upgrade your instance at one point or another if your still using 6.5, as 7.0+ patches security issues that allowed hijackers to access some underlying data and destroy your database. If you’re using 6.5 on a closed intranet, then no worries. I’ll see if I can dig out the code I have for 6.5 on my PC and send it your way for testing.

I am running on a intranet.
it would be great to try it with my 6.5

Hi Tim,

I have updated the available download at: https://www./download/vtigercrm-api-demo/

to support Vtiger API version 6.1 - 7.1+. Although the API’s vary between versions, the Xojo classes maintain a consistent handling throughout the variances; meaning if you decide to test the application on an older or newer version, it’ll still function without needing to take the API changes into consideration. Anyone using any software currently designed to connect with a Vtiger instance knows that the software only works for one particular version, and any other version of Vtiger will require another version of the connecting software. These classes eliminate that and provide an interface to connect a developed piece of software to any of the Vtiger versions created for the last 6 years. Thanks Tim for needing an update (more so, a “backward compatible downgrade”). I’ve used these classes to develop in-house loan software that interacts with Encompass and Outlook to tie client loan files and emails to records to increase efficiency and find all user data, under each user :slight_smile: Unfortunately, Encompass lacks advanced features to organize clients by credit ratings/liabilities, etc, but does contain the data. Using an automated script, a report is generated from Encompass as a CSV, then merged into the Vtiger database, and the loan software does the rest of the magic! I’ll have to share some screenshots (minus user data). If you use RingCentral to log calls, I have a neat program I wrote to interact with RingCentral’s API’s as well…and for those instances when the call comes up as “WIRELESS CALLER” or “UNKNOWN”, there’s a neat feature to request the true Caller ID…works with cell phones like a charm!!! (that’s a separate class from RingCentral but works great with it).

When you supply the url to your CRM, make sure to include HTTP or HTTPS so that the class knows how to handle the requests (there is a difference in APIs). Also, leave the trailing “/” at the end of your CRM URL



Aside: I’ve began creating a port of Vtiger in Xojo (see here: https://www.simulanics.com/crm2/index.cgi) that will have a helper socket for faster data transfers than the standard Vtiger REST API. More on that later :slight_smile:

**Some areas I had to shade out or make empty, and others I can’t show at all…but it gives the general idea of the endless possibilities available simply by harnessing your CRM data :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

Does your class also support xojo web?


The Vtiger classes work for Desktop, Web, Console and iOS (If you use HTTP with iOS, you need to include a plist with a temporary exception specified for each site you will access. see xojo docs at https://developer.xojo.com/xojo-net-httpsocket). They will work with Android too once Xojo gets that included into the compiler :slight_smile:

Hey Matt,

Just tried it and it works fine with my 6.4 version. Thanks!

I have automated contact creation previously via a form
Now if I only had the discipline to actually update my crm entries.

But with this, I can automate more.