VT Transaction VTA.dll

Anyone got any experience using the VT Transaction (Accounts software) VT Accounting Objects (VTA.dll) with RealStudio 2012?

As soon as I include the dll, even in a new empty project and try to run or build the project, it falls over with a very unhelpful “This application has encountered a fatal problem and must be shutdown.” error message

I’ve not tried this. I didn’t even know VT had this functionality, but I am going to take a quick look in the morning. Could be brilliant !

OK, I think I may be trying to use the VTA.dll in the wrong way in RealStudio.

In VB6, you just went Project -> References found the reference to VTA.dll, ticked it and could then use the commands from the dll in your VB project.

In RealStudio I was trying to add it as an ActiveX Compnent, which is when everything fell apart.

What is the equivelent of adding a VB6 reference in RS?

VB6’s References is for ActiveX DLL. I take you mean VB6’s menu: Project - References…
So I supposed is an ActiveX DLL.

Try this:

Xojo’s menu:
Insert - ActiveX Components - Reference tab - select your ActvieX DLL and click OK. Then it should appear in your project.

The Controls tab is for OCX controls.

Edi to add:
Oh RS 2012. I don’t have that on my PC any more. Don’t know whether the same as Xojo.

Further investigation and conversations with VT Software have shown that this is down to an incompatability somewhere between the RealStudio/XOJO compiler and the VTA.dll

The upshot is I’m going to have to dust off my VB6 skills to write the import routines my customer wants.

Russ if you want to talk about getting stuff out of VT Transaction+ and importing transactions, I’d be happy to do so.