Volume().Type is blank on Windows?

Hi folks,

I just got a bug report for one of my tools that the Type value for Volume() on Windows is returning an empty string. Is this expected for Windows or a bug - happens in 2017r3 and 2018r1.1 on Windows 7 and 10.

Volume should return a FolderItem and not a String? Please provide the snippet of code that’s reporting an empty string.

For x = 0 To VolumeCount -1 TextField1.Seltext = EndOfLine + Volume(x).Type Next

Oh I understand now, words.
Have you added some more steps to the loop to find out what the FolderItem value is before trying to get the Type? That could provide some more insight for you to help debug.

Also, “The file types must be defined in your project. If not, this property will be empty.”

Well, that’s kind of dumb. Types for volumes should be pretty standard.

Thank goodness for MBS and GetDriveTypeMBS(FolderItem.NativePath).