Volume mounted notification

I know there is a MBS plugin that will notify a xojo application whenever a volume gets mounted. But it is a Carbon plugin (if I remember well), which is depreciated. Is there another way, besides checking the VolumeCount within a Timer control?

The carbon event system is the base of the Cooca one. It won’t go away in my opinion.

You want to listen for NSWorkspaceMBS.NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification Notification with NSNotificationObserverMBS class.

Works like a charm.
I tried to get a folderitem from the NSDevicePath value in the UserInfo dictionary. But whatever pathmode I try, the folderitem I try to get is Nil.

What did work was iterating through the volumes using

f = FolderItem.DriveAt(i)

And compared the NativePath property with the NSDevicePath.

I wonder wonder if there is a better way of getting a FolderItem reference to the mounted volume

Should I remove the Observer when I’m not using it anymore?
What happens internally when I remove an observer when this observer is no longer there?

I figured this one out by checking the values in the the UserInfo property dictionary. One of the values is in fact a FolderItem. So, no need to do the crazy things I did.
I simply used the “NSWorkspaceVolumeURLKey” entry to get the FolderItem value for a volume I was listening for.

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MBS Plugin does unregistration in destructor if needed.

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I use MacUSBNotificationMBS and USBNotificationMBS to check if a user has attached/removed a device (eg memory stick, drive, server, etc) and refresh the list of possible storage options. It works really well for me.


I would not have expected a USB notification to be called when one connects to a network share… :thinking:

Not doubting it actually works but… should it (based on the function name)?

Now you have me doubting myself, as I also check for new or removed volumes when the Activate Event is activated, so maybe I show the new server volume there. Hmmm…