VMs, Bootcamp & Flickering

Run into a flickering issue with a portion of our app running under a Parallels VM - I actually think this is a VM issue and was thinking about setting up a Bootcamp install to run the app under a better Windows install.

Before I go through the rigmarole - curious if anyone has run into a Windows flickering issue that has turned out to be a VM issue?

Here’s my VM Config:

What kind of flicker ?

That would have been useful

When I resize a Window the controls aren’t locked to the window edges and seem to stay a split second behind the proper position - when I stop dragging there’s a moment when the controls are still moving into position. This is on top of some slight canvas flickering. The window is made up of several canvas and container controls.

I have pretty much the same configuration on my 2012 MBP w/retina and apps under Windows 10 seem to run reasonably well. For Xojo-built Windows apps running under that VM, there is actually much less flickering and graphic issues than I have on my main Windows 7 development machine.

Yeah - I’ve not really had this type of problem before. Flickering, yes, but I’ve normally been able to isolate/improve things.

The fact I get this control lag(!) on a control when resizing the window has got me thinking about the VM performance. I’ve played around with the VM Settings but can’t seem to improve the situation, only make it worse.

When a straight push button locked to bottom right isn’t keeping up with the window border when the window is resized, something isn’t right(?)

What version of Parallels are you running, 11? Also, Windows was never a problem, but I had very jerky mouse movement in a Yosemite VM until I installed their Parallel Tools, it fixed that right away.


Hadn’t thought to check for Parallels updates - and there is one - and the release notes don’t suggest anything related. I’ll try that…

My Win10 machine is doing a big update, along with new Parallels tools and Parallels version - this must fix my issue :wink:

@Patrick Delaney - it’s just Windows. I’ve been having a fit lately because I’m working on a new project specific to Windows and even the 15r3.1 IDE is a flicker-fest. My 2 dev machines are Xeon-based with 16GB of RAM and 2GB video cards, so I doubt that your VM is going to matter.

I’ve tried on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 and it’s just ugly. I’m planning on working up a video for Feedback submission, but I suspect that part of the issue is the current dependence on Win32 instead of the newer APIs in the Xojo frameworks. I say this because I have 2 older Win32 GUI apps from XP that flicker in much the same manner on Windows 10. A second version of one of the apps updated to use .NET 3 does not exhibit the flicker at all.

The updates have improved things, not fully sorted but an improvement - thanks @Merv Pate

@Tim Jones - This was a weird one, it really did seem to be beyond the flickering we see on Windows. The update to Parallels, certainly on this machine, did go a long way.

What is the state of play with adopting .Net anyway?? (Not trolling, just lost track of whether this is on the radar)

Today 5th in the Feedback top cases. That is about it :frowning: