VM or Emulator for Raspberry Pi 2

While I’m (im)patiently waiting for my Raspberry Pi 2 to arrive next Monday, I wondered if anyone has had any luck with a VM/Emulator (VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels, etc.) for the Raspberry Pi 2?

I’m anxious to get started on porting my digital signage app for OS X on it. QEMU shows promise, but anyone with real world experience of testing Xojo Apps built for Raspberry Pi 2 in a VM?


At one point I was using QEMU to emulate the original Pi and it was absurdly slow. I don’t know if emulating the Pi 2 would be any faster or not.

I tried everything I could to emulate it and I would just recommend right away just buy Raspberries ! everything else is way nasty.

I spent way to many cycles looking at emulators. Didn’t find anything that worked.

I actually had some problems early on getting my Pi to work. It was awfully slow and I couldn’t get any Xojo apps to work. After talking with a developer that had no issues I went out and bought a different microSD card (bigger too) and all of my problems vanished.

One other thing that I had to overcome was that at one point I had two microUSB chargers. Only one of them works with the Pi (the one that came with the kit). The other one let to constant power fluctuations and it rebooting non-stop. The power supply is critically important to the Pi.

Thanks for sharing guys.

Im planning to go also for RASP PI 2 and explore xojo on it.

Great success with this for the last 2 years :slight_smile:


Um…that’s the opposite of what the original poster was asking for.


this works on windows…


***follow step-by-step…the wrong versions of qemu make Raspian crawl…