Visually Impaired - Listbox

I admit as much as most people to not putting proper time into making my app accessible to visually impaired people. The two things I do is make sure the mnemics are okay and that I am using OS-provided controls as much as possible. I get that JAWS is the dominant software for providing access to VI people.

So, specifically, the Listbox. Since that is NOT a OS-provided control, it’s not very helpful for VI people. I have a client who politely pointed this out (although he didn’t know it was a Listbox or a problem).

What do you guys do to advise VI people on how to deal with a REAL/Xojo Listbox? Do they need to set something up in JAWS?

At a minimum, please sign on to case #14613.

(Mac and Win)

I’m not interested in moving heaven and earth to accommodate VI people, as I have a great Listbox subclass. My question is less to do with REAL/Xojo but how a VI person can deal with a R/X Listbox onscreen. (Forgive my ignorance, I see so I’ve ignorant on their needs, and they are ignorant on what they should expect.)