Visual comparison of Mac v Windows apps

Does an app made on Mac Xojo look the same as one made on Windows Xojo. For example, I like the look of the capsule shaped command buttons you see on OSX, but I am not sure if that look and feel translates across all windows platforms. I don’t have multiple platforms loaded on my VM Ware library, so I can’t see much more than what translates to XP. Im not trying to start a forum fist fight here, but what looks visually more appealing OSX or Windows?

The native controls are used on each platform, so on a Mac, you get the buttons that are standard to whichever version of the Mac OS that your app is running on, and the same is true on Windows.

Since Xojo uses native controls, the look and feel is very different between Mac and Windows because the two OS versions have very different styles. So although you could make the app look the same between platforms, it would stick out as different because of it.

and all OSX versions have very different styles …

Each version of the system has different looks, for OS as well as Windows. But in general terms, polemic aside, Xojo will stick to the system design, so an app will look the way the system designer intended it to. In other words, capsule shaped under Mountain Lion or Mavericks with round borders, flatish with a gradient under Yosemite, square under Windows.

But if you want your app to look exactly the same on both platform, it is possible : use canvases instead of buttons and put whatever image that suits you best.