Vista's execution protection

Usually I am perfectly happy with iOS and OS X development. This time, I need to got xplatform on Windows too. Having no recent copy of Windows (and an outdated VM with XP only), I borrowed a Windows laptop which came with Vista. Ok, now I know why so many disliked it.

With just 1 GB RAM and an Athlon CPU, the laptop doesn’t really qualify for programming but it should be enough for remote debugging. I thought.
No matter what I try – compiling on the Windows laptop or remote debugging –, I cannot really debug. The moment the app goes into an exception (on Windows, on Mac it’s fine), Vista’s program execution protection (or however it may be called) kicks in and shoots the debug app. Hence no debug information at all. I tried to disable it for Xojo or the remote debugger, but Windows tells me it cannot disable the protection for these apps.

Is there a way to work with Vista? Or should I rather go for a Windows 7? Windows 8? copy and an update of Parallels?

You can disable UAC completely. If I recall correctly, this should be the correct way (you can also do it from the control panel, if I remember correctly, in the user account area):

In the search box, type uac, and then click Change User Account Control settings.

move the slider to the “Never notify” position, click OK. That will require admin access. A reboot may be required.

I may be missing a step or two in the process, this is all from memory… (long long ago. I never used Vista much. Wonder why?)

Seeing the need for a Linux test configuration as well, I just updated my Parallels and found a cheap source for Win 7 licenses. With that laptop being an underperformer par excellence, I think I’m better situated if I can compile on the respective platforms too.