I downloaded the XCode 15Beta2 which has the VisionOS simulator in it. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get Xojo to launch into it’s simulator over the standard one (loads iPhone). I also tried building and dropping into the simulator but I got this error.

The Info.plist in the bundle at [LONG TEMP PATH]/ declares UIDeviceFamily specifying compatibility with iOS and/or iPadOS but the bundle’s executable does not contain a slice built for either iOS or iPadOS. Update the declaration of UIDeviceFamily in the Info.plist to match the platform for which this bundle is built.

This is a blank iOS app built with Xojo 2023r1.1. I can drop it into the iPhone simulator.

My codesigning, in theory, should be all correct as well.

I have setup XCode command line to use XCode15 as well.

I was wanting to have a play around to see what I could get access to. I saw Alyssa’s post showing Xojo app running in simulator.

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The post ist:
Xojo and Apple Vision Pro