VirtualVolumes, any replacements?


Currently im still using 2018r4

I’ve been using the Virtual Volumes for some time on my self updater system to keep things tidy and easy to obtain… Today i strolled around in wiki as i was just about to do some research for other project, and saw that 2019r3 has deprecated the VirtualVolume?

Are there any replacements that anyone knows or should i just start throwing all data into some mystique binary files in future?

My system was that the updater cooked a special file that contained list of files, the old(est) version that it can replace and if it can be downgraded. The system would look for it at boot and/or user could initiate the update process from embedded device UI.

Thanks for any tips or ideas,

how about a SQLIte database, maybe even encrypted where you have a table with a few blobs and some metadata?

Ill gotta give it a look, that could do the trick!