VirtualBox 7.0.4 for Apple Silicon

VirtualBox 7.0.4 for Apple Silicon fires OK on Ventura.

What is your experience with It ?
(and what installed OSs ?)

More information

It does work but it is very slow running macOS in general compared to UTM.
UTM is free too but imo way better.

Does UTM works to install Xojo IDE on linux on a iMac M1 ?

VirtualBox asked an iso as OS source, instead of .dmg (for macOS…).
So I stopped there and installed nothing (I only run VirtualBox).

Running an old macOS on my M1 was my goal (fo fire an old Xojo).

Had an issue with Beta4 running some Linux OS, switched to UTM that works better. But have some trouble adding shared folder using UTM at the moment

UTM only supports MacOS 9.

UTM can run any macOS, including macOS Ventura.
In fact, it runs it much faster compared to commercial alternatives like Parallels or Fusion.

How ? It requires an iso file which macOS does not come with.

Just add macOS in the UTM install
Wizard. It does all the hard work for you, including downloading everything.

If you need more help, check this:


OK - that was useful. But after reading that whole page, I still don’t know what UTM stands for.

At the moment, I use VirtualBox to run VMs. And because I don’t wish just yet to move beyond Catalina, I can’t run VB 7.x, meaning I have to disable SIP.

To be interesting, UTM on an M1 would have to use demand paging, so that I can run all my VMs at the same time. As it is, each VM I create under VB requires that I give it a fixed memory allocation, so in practice I can only run one at a time. Not that this matters too much, as I have software to test in each VM, so I’m doing it serially anyway.

What’s about Xojo with VirtualBox and Linux. Is it possible to run Xojo IDE or Xojo compiled desktop app?

On old Intel, I was able to fire WIndows (XP thru 10 64Bits) and Linux, etc.

On Apple Silicon ?
I only wanted to fire El Capitan…