Virtual Instrument Controls for Xojo

Are there any add-ons (virtual instrumentation controls) like the ones from Abakus?
Abakus VCL is a set of professional Delphi / C++Builder real-time components for virtual
instrumentation. Source code is available in C++, maybe someone may be interested in converting them to Xojo if that is allowed.
My knowledge to do that is no were near.
Hopefully other Xojo users may be interested with such controls.

Those look very similar to some of the charts and gauges you can control with the chartdirector software. You can see all their demo stuff on their site here: There is a plugin for xojo for that from Christian at

I recently replaced the home brew graphing engine in a database app that I build with it to great effect. And then more recently added support for several of the gauge styles. I can now get all the displayed output types on my home automation system and on it’s web remote control page via all the other great xojo features :slight_smile: Here’s what I’ve done with the chart director plugin.

looking more closely at the Abakus examples, chart director doesn’t do “controls” and those switches or dials and such. But something similar is available for most of the other types. I can see a couple of things on the Abakus site that I’d like to be able to do though. I think I’ll make some feature requests to the chart director people :wink:

Thanks James, looking forward for development of such controls as I am interested in designing virtual instruments for school science projects.

That looks like it would make a very interesting article for xDev. Why not write up what you did and send it in?