viewing records with SQLite DB viewer

HI All.

Thanks to Brian Franco (thanks Brian) I am using a program DB Browser for SQLite to see what my database looks like when I add and change and delete data.
On an unencrypted database, works like a charm.

I encrypted my database (who wants passwords roaming free??) and now when I open the program it asks for the password.
No problem.
I know what the password is.

However it keeps popping up the same window as if the password isn’t correct.
I know that according to the documentation, the encryption is AES-256, but no matter what I choose it doesn’t want to look at the database.

Brian: Do you know what settings I use?


I’ve never had any luck opening a Xojo encrypted SQLite database with other tools, and I’ve tried several. So I created a Xojo utility to decrypt the database first so I can open it elsewhere, then re-encrypt it when finished.

The problem is that SQLite encryption is an add-on, and different vendors/tools implement it differently (including Xojo).

The SQLite encryption used by Xojo is standard SEE (SQLite Encryption Extension).


You can open them with MBS Xojo SQL Plugin as we have that extension there.
Also SQLite Manager from SQLabs can open them.

I had tried an old version of this and it didn’t work. But I just tried the latest version and it does indeed work.

Great. I use it often to look into the databases here. :slight_smile:

Works for me, Christian.