Viewing a multi-table .MDB file

Hello Everyone,

I’m attempting to create a viewer for a MS Access .MDB file. I have connected and opened the database and populated my list box with the data in one table. The database contains 3 Tables named Customers, Inventory and purchases. Each table has 3 fields and I need to extract the data from each table and present it in my list box.

I have connected, opened and displayed the fields for Customers in my list box but how do i add the inventory table and purchases table at the same time to the list box? I only want to view the data, not update or add data. I have looked through the forums and have seen mention of using “Join” to join the tables into one record set but am not sure if that will work.

Thanks for any assistance with this.

is there a relationship between them? if so, join via SQL
if not, then access each table one at a time

Select a.*,b.*,c.*
from customer a,inventory b,purchases c
where a.somefield=b.somefield
and b.anotherfield=c.anotherfield

if may be a series of left joins instead, but
the specifics can’t be given without more details from you

did you start from scratch to open a mdb file or did you use a plugin or external application ?
( because I’m interested in the same kind of mdb file import…)

Thanks Dave


I just used the second database example included with Xojo and adapted it to my database. The example database it refers to only uses a database with one Table and my database has 3 tables.