View true call stack?

I’ve got an application with a window, call it Win1, that is opening at startup and I cannot find the source of its instantiation. Win1 ImplicitInstance is False. Breakpoints in Win1 Activate, Open and Constructor are only fired after control instantiation. The constructor for a control , call it Control1, on Win1 is the first activity in Window1 that occurs after the App Open event, according to the debug Stack and step tracing. Clearly there is something somewhere that is causing Control1 to instantiate, which leads to Win1 ultimately opening. Or is it that Window1 is somehow triggered somewhere, and Control1 is simply the start of its loading.

How in XOJO can I see the actual call stack? The complete sequence of events – that leads to the access of the instantiating? My app is pretty large and there is virtually no chance I can “remove things” until it works as expected.

Any insights welcome!

Accidentally deleted this post. Was trying to see if there was more insight into the call stack.

Insight in what sense? If I encounter an unrecoverable exception then I save it to a log file.