View Signatures of Overloaded Methods in IDE?

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When typing parameters into a method, how can I see the parameters for an overloaded method or methods(the signatures for each overloaded method)? Is this possible without having to switch back to the class to see what the signature is?

Not at this time, unfortunately.

Overloaded methods have been buggy in the IDE for a long time - kind of amazing they haven’t fixed the bugs yet as they are big productivity killers. this one in particular: <> the IDE jumps to the wrong method when you try to edit code from the debugger. (This particular bug was reported by myself in June 2013). Sigh.

Sounds similar to how when editing code, and you right click on a method to try to goto the definition, it brings you to the interface’s definition and not the actual implementation. That’s particularly annoying. The IDE needs to be a bit more context-aware.

I was considering adding a bug for this.

You should do so - I just noticed that my bug has been reported as “fixed” for an upcoming release.

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