View Overlapping Graphic Objects Fully

Hi I am new to XOJO.

 How can I place 2 geometric objects on a canvas, say 2 circles, 
 that partially overlap and still see both circles fully?
 The 5 Olympic Rings design would be a good example of what 
 I am referring to.

 I was able to add to ovals and have them overlap, but could 
 only see one oval fully while the other oval was eclipsed.

It looks a little like a 'C' and 'O' shown below.



Use DrawOval instead of FillOval.

Hi Greg

 Thank you for your help.
 I was able to get that to work using the code below.

The code is in the Paint Event Handler of Window1 right now.

I have been searching the XOJO on line help to no avail for a 
way to watch as the Paint event executes.

Is there a way to watch it as it is drawing?
Do I need to move the code to another location and use another event?

Thanks again.

// Use RGB color model to set Oval Color (oc)
dim oc as color
oc = rgb(0,0,255)

// Set the foreground color using the RGB Oval Color
g.forecolor = oc