View all source code


Is it possible to view all source code (like in vb etc).
For me (newbie) it is more easily to find everything when i´m coding.

thanks for a very god app.


Nope it is not possible unfortunately. It’s just the way Xojo is designed.

print the code and you see it all.

XJPrint will produce a nice need output of all the code in your project

If I am not mistaken, there is a feature request for this.

XJPrint works wonders! :slight_smile:
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OK. Thanks for all answers. I have to learn xojo way. No problemas. :wink:
Thanks. //Micke

Learn to focus. Not being able to see all the code at once is a huge benefit, if you approach it correctly. Leave the dark side.

I’ve downloaded and tried the XjPrint demo version.
Very impressive, Dave.
The only thing I noticed was that the index is looking horrible on A4 paper in portrait lay-out.

Is there a preference setting that I can change to make it look better?

I had the hardest time getting the index to work at all :slight_smile:
and thought I’d tested for all paper-sizes (A4 is not something we use here in the US)

when I get a chance I will look into it…

but no the preference setting you see are all there are…

I’d say my metrics for A4 are not quite right

could you try LandScape and tell me what it looks like?

That doesn’t make much difference.

Maybe 2 columns would be better?

A4 size

Length Width Unit 29.7 21 cm 297 210 mm 8.27 11.69 inch

I just took my current project… and used XJPrint to create an A4 PDF file, and while the index was not “perfect” it did not overlap like you samples show.
Let me make sure the version I am running and the version available on the web are the same (they should be)

Also are you running OSX or WIN? THAT may make a difference

If you are running OSX, check the version # displayed in “GET INFO” in FINDER
Not sure what the equivalent in Windows is…

But it seems I am running 0.11, you may have 0.08???

Dave that is a major accomplishment. Kudos!!

The demo was downloaded yesterday evening from your website and the version is 0.11.
I’m running OS X 10.9.2 and selected save to PDF in the print screen.
The project itself is saved as xojo_project.

I love Xojo now, but being able to see the whole code “at once” is one those things I miss most from VB6

I don’t miss that at all. One big massive code listing that I need to scroll in to find my place is not something I find to be beneficial to my productivity. I guess people have different habits :slight_smile:

Dirk, you didnt have to scroll anything unless you wanted to, it was an option. If you wanted, you could just jump to whatever function/subs (methods) you chose just like you do with Xojo

I know, but I just found myself scrolling more than using the selection to jump.
I did say habits, and I never said I had good habits :wink:
It’s just that with a long listing my brain wants to scroll.