Video Hosting for MoviePlayer control

I’d like to use Xojo’s movie player to play support videos in an app I’m writing. What is the best way to host the videos so they’ll play in a Xojo window that contains the movie player control? I’d rather not use a webpage player, if possible.

What kind of videos ?

Storage design or application window design ?

Yes, IMHO, your question is… wide open :wink:

I’ve made a Help Book for my app and linked a series of “How to” videos to it. Right now, the videos are linked to web pages and play fine, but I would prefer they play inside an app window, so application window design. I haven’t been able to find a way to stream the videos from my web host due to password and security issues. And most of the other services I’ve looked at, like YouTube and Vimeo, embed the videos in a webpage. That’s what I hope to avoid. DropBox seems like it might be a possibility so I’ll give them a try.
Thanks for your reply.

I think what you actually need is a web server or cloud storage to host your movies.

If you don’t want the hassle of setting up a web server, you can use Google Object cloud storage (5GB free per month), AWS S3 storage, my choice would be Digital Ocean Spaces ($5 per month for 250GB).

You can then use OpenURLMovie to stream the movie in a MoviePlayer control.

You’re right, I don’t want to set up my own web server, so I’ll check out both Google Object and Digital Ocean Spaces.
Many thanks for the reply.