Video editor

How can I make video editor in xojo?

Personally, I am using Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 and Techsmith Camtasia. Based on my experience with both applications, I think that is not possible with Xojo.

Video editing asks a lot of resources and processing power from the computer, it is in my humble opinion, far out of the reach of Xojo. But I can be wrong.


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It used to be fairly easy when Apple’s QuickTime was available cross platform. I think now you’d have to use separate libraries for each target platform. Maybe MBS has something that can help?

Welcome, Waqar Raza,

Thank you for your reply and thoughts.

I do agree with you, both Cyberlink PowerDirector and especially Camtasia, are very powerful applications.

Like everything else, Xojo has its limits and this type of application is just out of its capabilities. I do not see Xojo coming even close to the Cyberlink or Techsmith’s applications. Xojo is based on the BASIC language which is not suited for this kind of application which is very demanding on processing power.

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I had managed to build a kind of video editor in Xojo, albeit not the kind one would expect.
This app would take parameters in a window (the effect, then the parameters) and, once one clicked “start”, would ask for an input movie (and other input files if necessary) and proceed with each frame. One could add a permanent logo to a movie, make text scrolling (e.g. end credits), visual effects and more. The benefit of this app was, as I was the programmer, I could add whatever effect I wanted (like a picture coming (flowing) out of a teapot).

But I had to keep Xojo 2013 for that; the latest version supporting the EditableMovie class. And the project became somewhat hard to manage because I had not started with packaging functions correctly in the beginning (e.g. having a module for picture effects would have helped).

Since Xojo 2013 wouldn’t make 64 bit apps, I can’t use this app any longer, but this kind of apps is feasible (as long as you proceed each frame and don’t provide a live editor). This was a bit slow, however.

This sounds like a big accomplishment which I never taught was possible. I am sure you are a very creative and experienced programmer.

Maybe in the future, you will find a way to do the same again.

Keep up the good work and… be creative!


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