Video Conversion Using Native Xojo

Hi Folks -

I’m looking to provide a tool that will accept a video file in a standard format video (could be SD, 720p, 1080p or higher) and output a converted version that is 360x203 at 15FPS.

Has anyone experimented or created code for such an operation in native Xojo? I know that I can use the MBS suite, but this project will end up being an open source tool for schools, so 3rd party plugins could be a problem.

You may want to wrap ffmpeg then if it is going to be open source anyway.

Actually, I was trying to implement something that could be part of the teaching process for high school students. They tend to learn a lot more successfully with examples that actually do something useful.

Fair enough, a bit beyond me though I am mostly a business process programmer.

For others you may want to identify how low level do you want to go?

this can’t be done without plugin, external command line tool, applescript or declares. Choose a way.

As I mentioned - accept a standard video file (as defined by the system, so .MOV, .MP4, .AVI), and output a lower resolution, lower frame rate version at 360x203 (basically 1/3 the size of 720p). I know I could do this using the old QTKit support in older versions of Real Studio, but QT is sleeping with the fishes, so I’m looking for the newer alternates.

That’s what I’ve been uncovering as I dig further.

You could use an older version of Xojo with QT to build a helper that you call from the current version.