Video capture using UVC?

Interesting read:

I especially noticed: “Driverless: Increasingly, USB capture card manufacturers are implementing their devices using standard USB Video Class (UVC) drivers. This is the case with Magewell’s XI100D. Because UVC drivers are included on desktops and laptops running Windows and Mac OS, and are used by most webcams currently in market, USB video grabbers that use these drivers require no additional software to be installed. They provide true plug-and-play, professional-quality video capture.”

Does anyone know how we might use these UVC with Xojo to capture video on Mac & Windows?

Has anybody at least heard of UVC? :wink:

Not till today. I did a quick Google (for the Mac) and it seems there’s a third party library, some discussion about using CoreMediaIO, however in my quick search I couldn’t find anything relevant from Apple.