Video about MBS Xojo Plugins 21.1

Let us show you a few of the new example projects included with the 21.1 version of our MBS Xojo Plugins:

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MBS Xojo Plugins 21.1


23:12 minutes

Some links for the video:

00:30 NSDataDetectorMBS class
03:50 NSCollectionViewControlMBS shown
07:40 Leak Finder example project
13:00 BigNumberMBS and BiggerNumberMBS classes
16:00 iOSPictureMBS module
21:10 NSNetServiceMBS class

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


Never been more consistently satisfied with a product than with the MBS Xojo Plugin suite.

Thank you Christian.


On a side note:
The newly added NSCollectionView is about the best added control ever. It’s incredibly flexible to use.
For sure it’s not only for showing images. There are tons of uses for.

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Thanks. There may more things to tweak, but for the start most users like it.

Is the NSCollectionView available in iOS projects too? I use one in a Swift project that may be interesting to port to Xojo one day

We may add an iOS variant later if there is a need.

Just asking. Why on earth would you want to port a Swift iOS project to Xojo? Or maybe you were just joking. :slight_smile:

To experiment again with Xojo for iOS. Only done one project with it, and that was before they added new features. So the goal would be to find out how much better it is now, and if I can then re-use more of the Xojo Desktop version code.

I’m a great believer in WANTING fewer versions of my programs. Which is how I got started with Xojo in the first place so I could do both macOS and Windows flavors. Ideally would prefer to share more code with iOS and Android too (eventually).

You can do some pretty neat things with NSCollectionView, so having available in iOS too seems desirable.

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