Very New

To begin with, I am very new to XOJO, but an old VB6 Programmer. i am trying to covet from VB6 to XOJO.
I have hit a knowledge block. Two basic questions.

  1. Control Arrays: in VB6 can do textbox (1).text, Textbox(2).text, etc and use the controls as an array. is there a similar ability in XOJO.
  2. in VB6 you can have a Table Object. (which can also be an array of tables) How it XOJO do yo make a table with 6 columns that the user can type data into?

thanks for any help.

  1. look up Control Set - they are similar but not identical to what you had in vb6
  2. listbox

as an exceptional case you can not use a container control (vb6 = user control) as control set

List box, got it. thanks -I am getting use to the new objects.

is there a way to set columns =5 and Rows =1000? I was looking in the help file for how to set the properties at runtime.

if you have the inspector showing on the right you can set the number of columns

you get this to show by clicking in the big blue I button in the upper right until it shows

listboxes dont have a mechanism to pre-configure the number of rows they have in them

thanks for the reply. Just what I needed to know.

at design time
only initialvalue, tab is column delimiter, return add a new row.

not by number but maybe copy paste from excel.

right theres no way to, like in vb, just put rows = 1000 like was asked for
there are work arounds like adding 1000 empty rows in the open event, or putting 1000 empty lines in initial value etc as you mention