Vertical slider broken under macOS Sierra

46620 - Vertical slider broken under macOS Sierra 10.12.3

Michel Bujardet Today at 12:26 AM
OS: OS X 10.12.3

Xojo: Xojo 2016r4.1

Steps: See attached project.

Under previous versions of Mac OS X, the vertical slider works just fine.

Since Sierra, the knob is stuck and the guide no longer shows. As if it was no longer possible to use the slider vertically.

File attached:


Duplicate of <>

I cannot write to 44840 currently. Here’s a workaround:

No idea why not as its not private locked etc etc

Vertical slider, why would you need such a thing on a mobile phone OS?

no idea since we’re discussing the desktop os known as Sierra :stuck_out_tongue:

I read between the lines ... You are also not happy with the latest versions of OS X ? Maybe it's time to return to 10.6.8 ^^

It’s called Sierra, it looks like a desktop OS… But it smells like a mobile OS with a different skin.

Pretty much am not impressed with the state of the Mac at all, and I think I’ve discovered why Apple dropped Aperture. It has nothing to do with the iPhone camera being good enough to replace a regular camera, incase you were wondering.

But I’m detracting from the thread, sorry.

Theres certainly core aspects of each that you’ll find on the other.
iOS seems to be, in many respects, rethinking the class hierarchy & implementations for things (a lot of UI) and seems to be “fixing” up areas that haven’t been under OS X.
And then some of those are migrating to OS X - but I’m not sure I’d say that macOS is a “mobile” OS.
They do seem to be in the nasty habit of deprecating even new API’s for even newer ones.
And then changing their minds on that one a couple years later :frowning:
And that makes life hell as you’ve noted on other threads

With Yosemite I filed a bug I discovered; to which Apple didn’t believe me until I could prove it. Upon doing some more research on the bug (which was within Core Image), I found that the very same bug has been present on iOS for 4 years before it found it’s way into the macOS. Hence my feeling that the macOS is now simply a skin on top of iOS.

Yes indeed and the only way how I can protect myself is to recreate the wheel, but retain the source code. At least it will have the added advantage of working on Windows and Linux. However I’d imagine that it will take me a while to replicate what I need.

[quote=309966:@Ulrich Bogun]I cannot write to 44840 currently. Here’s a workaround:[/quote]

Superb, Ulrich. Thank you so much.

I also posted it in the bug report.

There have been reports that my ISP is hitting its limits more often recently. They did not upgrade their broadband network, and despite having regained a lot of market share currently their solution is to cut down their number of employees. Capitalism eating its children, like usual. … Maybe I was running into a network failure. It took me five attempts to upload a simple screenshot to my blog recently. :frowning:

EDIT: There’s even more going on with NSSlider. I thought I could extend the project with a few more properties, but it will not draw a circular slider completely – it always misses a side. And it ignores knobThickness completely and always draws the standard size.

The circular slider, we use it in our apps, it has to be the right size “34” I think and you need to reset the bounds of the slider to [[0,0],[width,height]].

Don’t know if this might apply here… but for iOS you need to apply an Affine Transform to rotate the slider control

Oh come on! You hollered, now lay the egg!

Aperture was Core Image based and Apple’s developement of Aperture kept the framework in check, as well as prosumer/amateur and professional photographers tied to the Apple platform.

Trying to use Core Image to process complicated filter chains with large images has caused significant pain these last couple of months. They work fine on the images from the iPhone, once you get above 30mp it starts to fall apart. GPU crashes, GPU glitches, excessive time taken to process images.

I got there in the end, with some creative workarounds and posted in the thread

I have successfully hijacked another thread, and must now return it to it’s original programming…

Hi, I just found the other thread in which we have another solution, I post it here for other people.
put this code on Open event of your slider

declare sub setVertical lib "Cocoa" selector "setVertical:" (windowRef as integer, id as Boolean) setVertical(me.Handle,true)

[quote=331682:@Thomas ROBISSON]Hi, I just found the other thread in which we have another solution, I post it here for other people.
put this code on Open event of your slider[/quote]
That’s exactly the code that was used in my project above. Note that you must still check the system version or the project could crash if run below Sierra. See this thread.