Vertical line in string

I have a string that I want to fill with data.
The data should be seperated by a vertical line.
I could use the “|” character, but that character has gaps at the top and the bottom when I display it in a textfield/label/menu item.
Is there a way to get a vertical line in a string that can have the full height of the field?

You could use one of the Unicode box-drawing glyphs, e.g. &u2502:

Dim data As String = "Left Part" + &u2502 + "Right Part"

Unfortunately, that doesn’t give me the result I would love to see.
The effect is the same as using the “|” character.

There are gaps above and underneath the vertical line.
I would like to have the vertical line drawn from the horizontal line at the top to the horizontal line at the bottom.


I would place two adjacent textfields, insert a token in the text and use split() to fill the two textfields…

I can do that when using a textfields or labels, but I can’t do that if I want to use the string in a menu item.