Vertical ioSSlider

This is a dumb newbie question: how do I change the orientation of an ioSSlider so that it’s vertical rather than horizontal? I must be missing something obvious.

It seems UISlider doesn’t have a vertical setting, and what native developers have been doing is some kind of rotation trick on it:

Wow, thanks @Tim Parnell. That seems a massive oversight in the UI kit, but why would anyone ever want a vertical slider, I guess.

There are no dumb questions. :slight_smile:
Just as explained in a recent Xojo Blog

Maybe if you want to have something like an audio fader. Or any fader for that matter. On most audio consoles the audio fader is vertical. I have some apps that control digital audio mixers. Those sliders are vertical. Or, what about apps that can dim lights in your living room. Sure, it can be horizontal. But vertical sliders seem more intuitive, I think, since hardware sliders are usually oriented that way.
I would choose to use a canvas and create a slider myself. That way you have more control over the look and feel. And, you can theme it better.

@Edwin van den Akker: yes, I wound up doing exactly that; I created a subclass of canvas and made a fader that looks and works exactly how I want. I’ve done that a lot in desktop apps, I just figured there would be a better native control somewhere.

And as far as audio consoles go, when I started as a broadcast engineer many years ago, the faders were rotary. The linear fader hadn’t been invented yet. And stage lighting dimmers were giant rheostats with big levers that looked like they came out of a Frankenstein movie.

Wow, I thought I was old :wink:

When I started as a video-editor / cameraman, I worked on Umatic and 1" reel-to-reel video tapes. Fortunately, those long pre-roll times are over now.

Now we can even create beautiful sliders using a canvas. Not that it has anything to do with our broadcast history.
(I just wanted to somehow end this post not too much off-topic, haha!)

I will take the post COMPLETELY off topic and say that, when I was working at my third job as a programmer in NYC, my wife was down the street at WNET editing video using 2-inch Ampex decks the size of a chest freezer. It took THREE decks to make a single edit. So yup, I’m old.

I remember those!

In a way I loved the linear editing era. Of course with the huge reel-to-reel machines the pre-roll time was way too high.
But I remember that reporters and directors came well prepared to the editing suite. Making a rather long new report of like 3 minutes was done in no time. Especially on the digi-betacam (or even betacam SP) machines.

No it seems that those guys want to build their show in the editing set. Of course now we are more flexible. We can take parts out of the edit without re-editing everything after that change. But editing takes way longer nowadays. Sometimes I regret the linear to non-linear switch over.
Fortunately, NLE changed a lot for the better, too. I can work at home. Before I had to invest in a million dollar editing suite. I think this all even qualifies me as an old guy. Haha!