VersionTracker Update 1.6.0

Happy New Year!

Let’s kick things off with an update for VersionTracker, a free app that helps developers maintain and generate version history logs.

This latest update has so many cool new things. The biggest change is that customizing the HTML templates is now very powerful and it’s documented! There’s a new user guide to help. There are also a handful of quality of life improvements :slight_smile:

Version 1.6.0

New: Retains and restores the last selected version while working on a document
New: Extensibly customizable HTML Template options
New: Documented User Guide
Fixed: Change in text case is now captured as a modification
Fixed: Placement of pasted lines when there is a selection
Fixed: Placement of new change note with multiple lines selected
Fixed: HTML renderer now handles < and > correctly
Fixed: HTML renderer now replaces line breaks with <br>
Changed: Window position tracking now uses paths instead of File IDs for better git support
Changed: Error reporter now encourages a contact address (though it is not required)

VersionTracker is free of charge and available for Mac and Windows!

More Information and Downloads:
Strawberry Software - VersionTracker


Absolutely love Version Tracker. Thanks for this great update, Tim!

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