Version Upgrade not wanted

I added a main window image to my project and received this when I went to “Save”. What is this all about?

"Saving will increase the minimum version of the IDE required to open the project"

Well, I saved it anyway and it still opened with the same Version. Not sure what that was all about.

If using recent versions, probably you had a pre 2019r2 project, that you opened with some 2019r2+ version and saved (like 2019r3 or 2020r1), and now 2019r1.1 or less can’t open it. Yep, this message should say what will be the “minimum version” acceptable after saving it.

I was able to back out the image changes and it saved okay. When I put the image back in it gave me the message mentioned again. Seemed strange since I had saved many times today with no other versions opened or other programs loaded. I closed and reopened my current XOJO rev and it did the same thing again. I saved it anyway and it reopened with my rev.

What Xojo version are you using? 2020r1+ ?

2019 Rev 3.1

I think you can upgrade it to 2019 release 3.2 without problems. But this message should appear when converting code from 2019r1.1 or less to 2019r2+ versions.

I’m thinking my license stops at 3.1 and I do not wish to make a repurchase for this project to compile. Would that be normally how it works?

I thought that r3.1 users would receive a free upgrade to 3.2.
Nothing that I said implies that you can’t compile your 3.1 project.
Since 2019r2, Xojo had many internal changes with the advent of the new “API2” that 2019r1.1 and lower does not understand. It does not affect an already 2019r3.1 project. You received just a warning.


Did you start your project with a version older than 2019r2?
Maybe the image you are adding or some code is API 2.0 (only available since 2019r2), so older Xojo version will not be able to understand that new code/instruction and that is why you get a warning that “there is something new on this project than an older version of Xojo will not understand, for that reason we will save the project with a minimum version required that will tell an older Xojo version that it will not understand some things, and for that reason that older version should say something like: this code that you are trying to open needs a newer version of Xojo.”

So, if you are working with 2019r3.1 and you are not planning on opening your project on previous version, you don’t have to worry much about that message. If you are using version control, you may be able to see what is the code difference that is trigging that message.

I’m not familiar with Version Control, what is it? I have been building this program for almost 3 months using 3.1 2019, so I’m not sure what the change would be. The Imported JPEG seemed to cause the issue.

Version control is something that will save your behind if you screw really up. Happens sooner or later. Unfortunately, most explanations for version control is for CLI lovers. There are 2 flavours: centralised (SVN) or decentralised (GIT).

There are - of course - tools for both. There are a couple of videos by Xojo showing how to get started with version control.

The purists will tell you that only the text format will make you happy. To save your behind even the binary format with external items is enough. Don’t ever do a monolithic project.


Monolithic Project? I will take a look at the videos since I do not wish to get my ■■■ in a sling. Too much invested in this project already.

Monolithic project = only one file and everything in one basket. I use external items for everything. If you screw up your main project file you can import everything into a new project. I had a couple of times a corrupted project file. The external items also allow me to share code between projects.


This is related to the way Picture are dealed within Xojo, related to Retina / HiDPI.

The new (Wojo internal) Picture (in Project) can hold two or three different resolutions of the same image.

Previous versions do not have that and so cannot load project with that.

Check with the Release notes if you want to stay without this Picture (or load it with shift / alt / whatever keyboard shortcut who do not use this shema at Picture drop (in the Project) time.

You are correct. 3.2 is available to all users whose licenses were valid for 2019r3.

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I use the text format and a program called Cornerstone in which I have set up my stuff as a project. That means that as I make changes, Cornerstone can give me a list of changed items, and put up comparison panels in a window so I can see what the differences are between versions. So I can compare what I have today with the same method (say) 100 versions ago.

When I bought Cornerstone it was a one-time licence purchase, unfortunately they’ve gone to a subscription model (so much per month) so I’ve not upgraded. But what I have works fine.

As for general backups, every so often I backup everything to two SSDs, two memory sticks, and to my home file server. Oh, and to my free Dropbox subscription, too.

In addition there are the Time Machine backups, which is what I mostly use for restoring bits and pieces.