Version Control Support is a Great Change

Excited to see this:

I think this is a really smart move by the Xojo team. Specifically:

All Xojo Lite licenses can now use the text project file format for better compatibility with version control systems such as Git and Subversion. This should make it much easier for people to share and contribute to open-source projects on services such as GitHub and GitLab.

The absence of “text project format” support in Xojo Lite licenses always felt like an artificial constraint to me; one which made Xojo a less inviting platform for new developers to try out.

Cheers to the Xojo team and Geoff for making this change!


Thanks, Anthony! It’s great to hear how excited people are about this - because we are too :slight_smile:


I also welcome this change. Makes Xojo MUCH more attractive, even for experienced Developers which never considered using it before, because creating open sourced project was not so easy using a starter License.

Thank you. I really believe this is great News for everybody. :slight_smile:


What about xml format? Is this available for the Lite version?

Great change. I hope this move can expand notably the Xojo presence in the public repositories over time. Long time due change… for the good.


As a macOS Lite user, I can confirm all three save options are now available (yeh!) and appears to successfully save to a single XML project file, or multiple plain-text files (super yeh!) :smiley:


Excuse me for the silly question but I read many times “Version Control”. Whats is it? The format in which we can save a Xojo project (“Xojo Binary project” or “Xojo XML project” or “Xojo Project”)?

In most cases this means the Xojo Project (Text) Format, sometimes also the Xojo XML Project Format. And the version control systems mentioned include Git, SVN and similar. :slight_smile:

That’s the format that will save your behind if you screw up. Even for RapidWeaver I use my SVN.

as i read the news letter i was overjoyed.

it looks like it was related to:
What “extended” XOJO Lite would you buy instead of the very resticted orig. Lite version?

I have never managed to use a software versioning system. I tried with git. very complicated! terrible experience! I think I understand more complicated things, but beyond the commands, the very concept of how you can think of going forward/backward on small pieces of code is out of reach for me! :frowning:


Try GitHub for Desktop

It can help you with GIT & GitHub


I had tried with git… zero results! I was about to destroy an entire large project (fortunately, realizing I didn’t understand anything, I had made a manual backup copy)

Is GitHub something different?

I had a hard time too. Someone recommended SourceTree then after using version system, I can’t live without it even on a small/personal project.

It works with git. Can make the whole process easier for you.

Just create a GitHub account (can sign up for free tier)

You could just make a test project and get comfortable with it first.

Yes SourceTree is a great recommendation also.

maybe I should find something to read about the basic concepts first… branch, pull, push… I’ve never been able to understand anything. I had tried several GUIs, the problem was never the use, but rather understanding what it means to use GIT and what its concepts are. I invested ENTIRE WEEKS, always without results.
so I gave up and proceeded to copy the folders by hand, before making major changes. Luckily I’m alone and I don’t have to share the project with anyone.


Gary Pettet did a straightforward video with a xojo project. Great starter video to get to grips with github.


I will try to follow this video tutorial. Thank you.

I thought it would work better as a video. There is (rightly) an introductory part, on branch concepts, etc… but unfortunately I don’t speak English :frowning: