Ventura and Xojo 2022R2 working fine for me


I upgraded to Ventura this morning and can report that what I do with Xojo 2022R2 seems to work fine. I’ve run the app in debug mode, built it, tested it and found no issue at all.

I do accept that your experience may vary, I don’t use databases, plugins, console, IOS Android or very many controls at all. I also avoid object usage as much as possible. Most of my core code is also written in Assembler so you understand how different my projects are.

The only thing that was worrying me was an augmented Thread but even this performed without issue and with a similar or better level of performance than Monterey.

I hope everyone’s experience is as seamless…


Are you on an Intel Mac or Apple Silcon? I’ve heard that it’s an issue with Intel Macs


I’m on an Apple Studio M1Max, my Intel box is too old to run Ventura, unfortunately as I loved it…


There were multiple crash problems with 2022r2. The worst for me was this one: Hard crash on Ventura when accessing RuntimeException.stack

So please don’t use 2022r2 for Ventura.

With me the IDE crashes every time I start it :confused:
I just downloaded 22 R3.1 and upgraded my Mac to Ventura last night.

I’ve just upgraded to Ventura and 2022r3.1 and don’t see this problem. When does it crash? If it is during build then you should try clearing you Xojo cache etc.

Ouch! I had that for quite a while and only every second start would work. Can you post the crash log? Have you tried to delete the cache files? I always forget where the files are and use Find Any File to nuke everything.

Click on Report…

It’s crazy. But after 3 tries, it seems to work.

Please check if your crash is similar to or not. Then make a new ticket.

If you are using MBS, you definitely need the latest beta too.

I’m curious, of those who have had trouble with their apps, could you tell us what model computer it was on? It seems so elusive, I’m wondering if it’s limited to a particular processor like the Haswell issues we had a while ago.

I had the crashes on my MBP M1 Pro and Studio M1 Max

iMac 27" 2020.
But after a system reboot, and a couple of IDE restarts the crashes disappeared.
I forgot to save the crash reports. So, I might never know what the problem was.

Crash reports are saved for you - open and show the sidebar: