Ventura 13.2 is available (says

Here’s the link (from yesterday):


It’s 13H25 here in France, and my MacBook Pro M1 says that there is no Update available for my installed Ventura 13.1…

NB: I do not know if :innocent: or :japanese_ogre:

BTW: the update will be for tomorrow (for my MBP)…

And yours ?

It is available here in the UK.

installing Ventura 13.2 into my MacBook Air right now.
my main machine is till using Monterey

Installed and working fine with Xojo 2022 r4.1.


I recently installed 13.1 on my iMac 2017, Mac mini 2020 and MacBook Air 2020. I had issues on the iMac that were easily fixed once I found the issues…I have 2 older Macs that aren’t compatible with it so they say where they are at.

Update done.