Vbar Vertical ProgressBar

I just completed Vbar, a new class that draws vertical ProgressBars. It uses the same properties as a regular ProgressBar : Value and Maximum.

Besides being vertical, it also adds variable width, so the bar can be made larger, as you can see above. It is also platform sensitive, and produces Mac style or Windows style bars depending on where it runs. Under Linux, Windows style is used.

Download a zip containing the class and a sample project here.

Hope you enjoy it.

Very nice Michel - thank you for sharing this with the community :slight_smile:

i need access to the source code in VBAR but it is encrypted.

Any chance you could give us the password or release an unencrypted version ?

Very nice. I would also like to see how it was done. It would really be helpful if you could contribute source we can all learn from. Thanks