vb.net to Xojo

Can someone explain to a Xojo beginner how this VB.net code looks in Xojo?

Imports EloixClient.IndexServer 
Dim connFact As IXConnFactory = new IXConnFactory("http://server:8080/ix-Archive1/ix", "IX-Tutorial", "1.0") 
Dim conn As IXConnection = connFact.Create("fritz", "geheim", computerName, null) 
Console.WriteLine("ticket=" + conn.Login.ci.ticket) 

With the exception of the Imports line, it would look identical in Xojo IF those classes were available to add to your Xojo project. I’m not familiar with EloixClient.IndexServer so I couldn’t tell you if a Xojo version is available or not.

If it’s a third party shared library then there’s additional work to access the library, which can vary depending on whether it’s a straight DLL or something more sophisticated like a .NET Assembly. The former is relatively straight forward, the latter can be difficult.

How can I identify wether it’s a ‘straight DLL’ or a ‘.NET Assembly’?

Documentation…though if they’re telling you to use “EloixClient.IndexServer” it’s not a simple DLL.

Thanks. It’s a hard way… :wink:

It always is :slight_smile: