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I have this project which is coded in VisualBasic that I wanted to convert to Xojo, I was trying to do that with VB Migration Assistant but when I navigate for the project the project is dimmed out.

Maybe I am navigating for the wrong file, can someone assist?

This is the page… http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/671407/Camera-Net-Library
This is the link for the source code… http://www.codeproject.com/KB/audio-video/671407/Camera_Net_Library_and_Samples._Sources.__v1.1.2_fix1.zip
This is the link for the compiled app… http://www.codeproject.com/KB/audio-video/671407/Camera_Net_Samples._Compiled.NET4._v1.1.2.zip

This project when compiled in VisualBasic really works, with the built-in camera and an external USB camera.



P.S. My error it is not VisualBasic it is VisualStudio can this be converted?

The VB Migration Assistant does not convert source code.

More info here: VB Migration Assistant

You really don’t want any tool to convert source code. Different languages have slightly different assumptions. Visual Basic has a bunch of assumptions as does Xojo.

The utility is good for converting basic UI from one to the other. You will do yourself a huge favor if you convert the code yourself. You’ll learn Xojo, for one, AND you’ll understand the code better.

This will require a number of declares in Xojo (not for the feint of heart). If you want some shortcuts on this MonkeyBread Software has plugins that can do this along with examples. Monkeybread Software - MBS Xojo Plugins Not free, but many of us use the MBS plugins because it’s extremely convenient.

Thanks, I see what VB Migration Assistant does, and I like that. Is there a similar Assistant for VisualStudio?



AFAIK Not AnyMore

(There was a Migration Assistant (VB6 to VB.NET) in the First Editions off VisualStudio .NET - i belive it was removed in VS2005 or VS2008)

If I Remeber correctly (would have to Check in my Windows 7 Pro VM) the new VS Editions don’t do that (Help Migrate the Code) - you should be able to open The Project but Migrating will have to be done by Hand.
Like i said i THINK that it is so. I don’t really remeber Checking with the latest Versions of VS.

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Ren Landscheidt

Thanks Ren,