Varing PDF printing size

I have developed an app with Xojo 2018 that produces reports to fully use the space on a page. Compiling the App and moving it to an older system running El Capitan produced reports where the size of printing is generally much bigger and fields now overlap or run out of space. No default sizes are being used. All fields have definite point sizes (mostly 14 pt Helvetica)

Can anyone suggest why this might be happening?


How do you create your reports? How do you create the pdfs?

Using MBS Plugin or not?

When printing a PDF, if a setting for ‘Scale to fit’ is in place, your app loses control over the actual output size.
For example, you might create a page designed for ‘Letter’, and the user may print it on A4, stretching in the process.

Secondly, some printers ignore the font in the PDF if they have their own copy ‘built in’
They should be the same, but there can be subtle differences between your onscreen rendering of Helvetica, and an HP printers’ internal Arial font.

Start by checking your page size, their page size, and the scaling option.

I’m using the built-in report writer and directing the output to preview (not to a real printer). The Pages size and scaling are the same in both cases.

Not actually printing then.
What app is displaying the PDF on each machine?

I used Apple’s Preview in both cases then saved the file

And does the PDF generated on the ‘El Capitan’ machine display incorrectly on the new machine?
You haven’t provided much information other than ‘it doesn’t work’

To be clear, are you generating this file by starting to Print, but redirecting the output to PDF using the Apple supplied Print dialog?

Is your development machine running Mojave and is a Retina machine?
I assume the older one is not Retina?

It shouldn’t make a difference but have you tried setting the scaling on the development machine so that no screen scaling occurs , and generating the PDF?

Have you checked the printer resolution on both machines?