Variables don't show in debug

In the following code I’m stopping to check the value of variables. The variables show in the debugger but none of them have values. Also the variables that are classes such as Self are just listed as text and not a link that you can click on to explore further. It was working fine then suddenly stopped. Have quit and rebooted the system but did not help. How do we return the functionality to normal?

Using version: Xojo 2013 Release 3.1

dim x, y, i, gifCount As integer
dim rs As RecordSet
dim q, r, xml, type As string
dim b, isUPC As Boolean

redim kGifRay(-1)

for y = 0 to UBound(spRay) //loop through databases
me.sp = me.spRay(y)
If me.sp.getValue(“Enabled-BOOLEAN”).BooleanValue then
select case me.sp.getValue(“Type”)
me.UPC = regValues
'if me.sp.getValue(“Active-BOOLEAN”).BooleanValue then
for x = 0 to dict.Count - 1

      if me.dict.Value(dict.key(x)).BooleanValue then
        me.UPC = me.dict.key(x)
        me.SearchITEM_MASTER '(me.UPC, me.sp)
    me.UPC = regValues
  case "KWIKEE"
    for x = 0 to dict.Count - 1
      if me.dict.Value(dict.key(x)).BooleanValue then
        me.UPC = me.dict.key(x)


You sometimes have to mouse-over the variables column of the debugger to see the values when looking at array properties. This is a long-long-long-standing bug. <> from 2009 seems to be the first report of it?

Or perhaps even <> reported in 2008?

(upon re-reading your post more carefully, these two issues may not have anything to do with what you are reporting). Can you give us a screenshot that shows what you are seeing?

Found a solution by deleting the prefs.

Well, I do have this problem in my Xojo under mavericks, but not under Lion on the desktop.
Deleted the prefs, and compared also all preferences settings (which are the same).

where do i delete the prefs??

We just ran into this problem on a Windows 7 machine. In Windows there is a registry setting that appears to be setting a column width to a 0 value.

In the Registry Editor, Modify the following key:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]-[Software-Xojo]-[Xojo]-[Debugger Databrowser Column Widths] = 188,

The value in the registry on our system was set to 122,0*

The key value worked with 188,

Sounds like the windows version of <>

I don’t have the Windows IDE handy, but one solution on Mac is to expand the IDE window until the right edge of the variable name column is visible, then mouse over the edge of the name header until the mouse cursor is a bar and right arrow (not left and right, only right) then click and drag to the right to expose the value column.

I had a stupid solution: the listbox column of the variables was so mach shifted to the right that the values were hidden…

I love these ! :wink: