Variable from embedded container not passing to defined event

Not sure why this is happening or even how to classify this question.

I have a container where I embed another adding a handler for ItemClicked. In the ContainerItemClicked method, I simply pass the .index of the embedded container to the event ItemClicked. If I debug the ContainerItemClicked method and inspect c.Index, the value displays the correct index (1,3,77, etc.). However when the value is passed to ItemClicked or even assigned to a variable IN ContainerItemClicked, the received value is always -1.

ccKeyValue.Index (embedded container):

[code]Public Property Index as Integer
Return mIndex
End Get

mIndex = value
End Set

End Property[/code]

ccKeyValues (embedding container)

[code]Protected Sub ContainerItemClicked(c As ccKeyValue)
Call ItemClicked(c.Index)

End Sub

Event ItemClicked(controlIndex As Integer)

[code]Public Sub AddItemText(caption As String, value As String, Optional readOnly As Boolean, hideCaption As Boolean, Optional helpText As String, Optional tag As Variant)

v.EmbedWithin(Self, 0, cTop, cWidth, v.Height)

AddHandler v.ItemClicked, AddressOf ContainerItemClicked
AddHandler v.ButtonPressed, AddressOf ContainerButtonPressed
AddHandler v.CheckboxValueChange, AddressOf ContainerCheckboxValueChange

End Sub

Could the variable name “Index” be shadowing the built in Index property of EmbeddedWindowControl? If you change it to myIndex, does it still show the same behavior?

That was the case. Thanx Jim.