Variable Creation and autocomplete

This is my fault and I undrstand the why of the story.

That said, it is really boring and hurt my creativity and productivity to not have autocomplete when I wrote code. I explain.

Often, I have an idea that I wrote directly, then add the variable definition. Example I run into some minutes ago:

In a Data Base driven project, in the Comments field, I wanted to add the Record createion date (and time).

So I wrote:

Record_DBR.Column("Issue_Comments") = TA_Comments.Text + EndOfLine + EndOfLine + "Record added on " + Now.SQLDateTime + "."

Ityped the code Now.SQLDat and press the Tab key to get the autocomplete and - of course - nothing happens.

So I declared the Now variable and go back to my code line to end it.

Yes, in the middle, someone can talk to me, a ring bells, a phone cal can arive, etc. and I wil forgot to end the line (and the compiler will recall that to me, fortunately).

Isn’t it possible to autocomplete before declaring the variable ?

Think twice before answering to that.

Nota: when I wrote a loop, I often do that too, but no autocomplete can be invorlved here at typing time; I usually get a reminder too (the var loop_idx is not declared), but this happens after I wrote my idea, at loop testing time. :wink:

BTW: I’d like to recommend to not use a word like Now as a Variable. It may be reserved and lead to issues.
Maybe use something like datNow or Now_DateTime instead?

“It’s Now or Never”