Valentina Reports, how link two or more tables for master detail report

i try to use valentina reports to made my reports.
i use mySql as database.
from when i start programming …to now i use crystal report, and when i made a report i just only connect to myDb, select tables , and then with apposite window i can link one table to another table using tableA.fieldID and tableB.fieldID ( like master/details)
i start to using valentina db and for simple master details reports i must create a query ???
there is not visual link from tables ???
im wrong or it is correct ??
can anyone help me please… i have searched videos of valentina report use, but all videos that i have see not show master details reports creations…

My understanding is the join is made in the sql and by grouping you can then show the master detail. I have not yet had a need to try this sort of report as I am also a new Valentina user.