Valentina plugin dont work

Please help me… I followed the installation steps, but does not work

Did you restart the IDE after you installed the plug-in?

What exactly did you do? For whatever reason the installer doesn’t place the plugin in the Xojo plugins folder. You need to move it there and then restart Xojo.

If you have version 6.5.8 there are issues.

Use 6.5.7 instead for the time being. Also as per what Beatrix is saying.

Had the same problem a few days ago. Then have the latest plugin reloaded and copied to the plugin folder. Then it worked again.

Ruslan Zasukhin replied to the discussion Plugin for XOJO does not work

Ruslan Zasukhin Archive of V4RB WIN 6.5.8 – FIXED.

We have rebuilt it from scratch. Tested.
Archive is uploaded into release folder and into prev_releases folder on our FTP.

We know that at least 2 developers have meet problem with this archive. Sorry.
Please re-download.

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