Valentina 13 Released: Studio, Server & Xojo ADKs

Now that the sugar-high tremors of Valentine’s Day have passed, and we can use a keyboard again, you should check out Valentina Release 13, which includes several key improvements across several product lines including:

  • Valentina Studio (Pro). reg $199. Our all in one data management tool on macOS, Windows and Linux includes more features for Workspaces, diagramming for MongoDB and more.
  • ValentinaDB ADK for Xojo (variable). ValentinaDB improvements span all products that incorporate it in this developer solution that lets you embed our ultra fast, modern, object-relational database engine in your solutions. This update includes some policy enhancements on macOS.
  • Valentina Server (standalone, and VDN for royalty free distribution). Available on Windows, Linux (x86, ARM64), macOS and Raspberry PI, and includes ValentinaDB Server, Valentina SQLite Server, Valentina Forms Server and Valentina Reports Server. Better logging, handling of SSL, table permissions and more.

All three products were included in Omegabundle for Xojo 2022, so if your purchased this Omegabundle, this is a free update!

More information about this release is available on the original announcement.

Hello @Lynn_Fredricks ,

how are things going for Valentina ? Are you all safe, considering what is happening in Ukraine ?

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I am not in Ukraine, but many of our team are there. Most are moved away to safer and more remote locations but still in Ukraine. So far we haven’t lost anyone. There have been some near misses, and it was particularly harrowing when Kherson was under Russian control. Once the Russians pulled out, Kherson (city) became a target for them. It has slowed things down a little, especially when Russian troops decided to destroy a lot of infrastructure in Kherson before they pulled out.

There are no words to describe what is happening in Ukraine.
I can’t understand something as stupid and dramatic as invading another place outside Russia.

We are in the 21st century!
I suppose the invasion is a belief of the past, after the Second World War.

Thank God you are fine. I hope the Valentina team avoids a mishap caused by the war as much as possible.

But also that the countries against the Russian invasion can stop this madness.

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