UX Opinon/Suggestion

I have an app that presents as its interface a “spreadsheet” consisting of 8 data columns by N rows

The user has basically 3 operations

  • Add a new row
  • Delete existing row
  • Edit existing row

I have a few ideas, but not really sure which one would “feel” best.

  • Use SINGLE click to select row, and display a data entry form… If the row was blank, add it, otherwise update it. an option on the data form would be to “delete”
  • Same as above but with DOUBLE Click, or Right-Click?

I thought about cell level edit for existing records, but there are a few attributes that don’t appear on the spreadsheet, and apply to the entire row, not any specific cell…

I don’t want to use menus, as this is supposed to end up as a custom control, so any menus would be up to the app developer at that point to call the appropirate class functions

I personally always use the double click and present a form.

i would expect a double-click to enter a edit mode for an existing record, a stand-alone “+” button to add a new record, and a stand-alone “-” button to delete a record.

I would go with Clifford’s suggestion, except to take one wee step further and that would be to include the delete button inline with the row. In my mind this directly connects the function with exactly which row is to be deleted.

like the swipe guesture on a Table row in iOS? but without the swipe

This, but also include the stand-alone “Edit” button. That will work with users not so experienced to expect a double click - edit action

I usually argue with myself about the “edit” button, but I don’t see how including one would hurt.

Kinda; but actually having a visual indicator, i.e. a delete/remove icon or even an action icon, that would allow for more options than just delete.