UTC time

using time and date ctrl plugin ( Einhugur) to manage date and time.
my xojo release is so old (2015 r1).
my question is how to display in my datetime control the UTC date time.
I have done this way :

Dim d As New Date
dim t1, t2, dt as double
t1 =d.TotalSeconds //system date time
t2 = d.GMTOffset * 3600
Is it possible to convert dt to a new date time (utc) to be diplayed in datetime picker control ?
Will be glad for another way to get utc date time …

On that date you created, just set gmtoffset to 0 and use the values on the date.

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GMT is not equal to UTC right?

In the Date class they effectively are because it doesn’t have support for individual cities’ DST preferences.


GMT is not equal to UTC right?

Thank you Greg.