Using Xojo Cloud server for ‘ordinary’ websites

As well as using a Xojo cloud server to host Xojo web apps can I also use it to host ‘ordinary’ websites with html css and JavaScripts and is it straightforward?

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The Xojo Cloud page doesn’t say anything about this, so as a third party vendor I don’t have an answer for you.

But if I can interest you in other solutions let me know! :wink:
I think mine is pretty easy and great for this exact purpose.

Hi Steve - Not really. Xojo Cloud is designed to host Xojo web apps but there are users who have a web site on Xojo Cloud that opens a web app.

Thank you Jason and Tim.

Tim, I am looking at to use as a cheap tryout of a Linux host that would allow me to check out alternatives that can host regular websites as well as Xojo web apps. Would this be suitable?

Considering their prices are significantly cheaper than all of the solutions I know, I am a little suspicious. You mentioned in your email that you like Ubuntu, and I note their cheaper tiers are locked to a specific operating system. (Another red flag – totally arbitrary limits meant to hinder you into buying a more expensive package).

I’m going to steer away from specific recommendations in this thread simply to avoid stepping on Xojo’s toes. I’m happy to continue our private discussion, or if you’d like to, create a thread about VPS providers.

Passers-by are also welcome to reach out privately or make their own post. I just don’t want to upset Xojo by derailing a Cloud thread.