Using Xcode 10.1 beta to install an app onto iPhone using iOS 12.1

Am just downloading Xcode 10.1 Beta 3. I am going to try it to see if it will enable me to load my appon to my new iPhone running iOS 12.1.
I can easily transfer the app using Xcode 10.0 with Xcode 9.4.1 command line tools to my iPad running iOS 12.0
When I try the same thing with my iPhone running 12.1, it won’t work. I am hoping that Xcode 10.1 will support iOS 12.1 and allow me to transfer the app from my MacBook to my iPhone.

… drumroll


I installed Xcode 10.1 beta 3. I installed the additional command line tools when it offered.
I went to Xcode–>Preferences–>Locations and set the environment to use Xcode 9.4.1 command line tools

I opened Window–> Devices and Simulators. I saw my iPhone there and right clicked on the listing to make sure that it had a valid provisioning profile (I had installed one previously, but if it doesn’t;t have one, that is the next step)
I then copied my app on to the phone and it worked seamlessly.

(I am still using High Sierra on my macBook)

Hope this helps anyone having trouble with this

make sure that Xcode 10.1 beta 3. remains labelled as Xcode_Beta in your Apps. Don’t mess with Xcode9 or you will have to reinstall itinerary order to continue developing with Xojo.

Update: I have Xojo 2018r3, Xcode 10.1 (released version) with Preferences:Locations:Command Line Tools of 10.1running on High Sierra machine and I have just installed my app on an iPhone with iOS 12.0.1 and an iPad with 12.1. So it would seem that all the latest releases are now working together.

I have just mangled all my old installs and deleted all the simulators laying around by going to the simulator in an Xcode project, and deleting all simulators that are not iOS 12. Then reinstalled Xcode and everything is working fine - have run the simulator on iPhone Xs simulator and installed to a new iPhone Xs. Great work Xojo team!