Using the WIndow Editor

The window editor sucks.

I am so unhappy with it, you cannot imagine !

I power off Bozo and fire VLC to watch some Star Trek Voyager Episodes (Seasons 3 and 4) I never took time to watch previously !
(It will Power ON my feelings ! … i hope so)

Unfortunaley, I do not have an Eclipse to watch on hold…

Have good time (if you have to use it).

PS: Xojo 2015r1 AND Xojo 2017r2.1.

was there a question or description of an Xojo issue in there someplace?
Not sure what Bozo (the clown?), VLC or Eclipse have to do with Xojo

Not really a positive answer.

OK, I woke up one hour ago and fire my computer, Xojo and try to copy that TabPanel from one window to another in the same project (only Wojo is running).

Result: the Labels, TextFields, PopupMenu and ComboBox are all set in the first Tab (when on the original window, they are in THREE Tabs.

Because (like many people in this forum) I use anold Xojo IDE (2015r1), I fired the current version (2015r2.1), load the project, copy the TabPanel from its window and paste it in its real window.

Result: every controls that were in the three tabs are now in Tab 0.

A real bug.

Yes, bugs are everywhere (even in my own project).

BTW, Dave: when something is goind-g wron when you are programming with Xojo, what do you do ? Continue Ad Nauseam or stop and take a drink or something else (walking in the park with your dog) ?

Is it possible to talk about bugs here ?

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Anger is bad counselor.

But … do we have to stay silent when we come across a problem in the software?

It tooks far less time (to me) to simply copy / paste atoms (TabPannel, then Controls from each of the Three tabs) than writing a first report that I trashed, then a second one far smaller than the first.

Now, if no one make reports, how can the software development tool will be improved ?