using shell script

this is not working. what do I have to do to get this command to work in XOJO.

You should be more specific about “not working” so that people can help you better. I’m going to guess you are getting a compiler error because the execute parameter requires a string and your text is not enclosed in quotes. And for concatenation, Xojo uses “+”, not “&”.

I recommend creating your command string separately so you can easily check in the debugger to make sure it is correct.

Dim cmd As String = "do shell script ""open 'volumes/Active_Projects_A-D/FEATURES/""" + proj_code.Text + "'*"

Also, it is better to put the actual code in the post (use the code tag to format it) rather than a screenshot so we can quickly copy/paste to test.



should it not be '/Volumes/Active_Projects_A-D/FEATURES/… ?

This really looks like an AppleScript that is being sent to an OS shell which isn’t going to work

You’d have to run this in a shell using OSASCRIPT

Dim cmd As String = “do shell script ““open 'volumes/Active_Projects_A-D/FEATURES/””” + proj_code.Text + “’*”

dim mshell as new shell
mshell.execute("osascript " + cmd)

not sure the quoting is right though